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Ultra light traveling with Magic Show?

When to start perform magic?


My magic friend, hello!

Before you watch this video below, let me share some thoughts with you.

It is pretty obvious and pretty simple and that’s why some many people forget, that


And sometimes even we magicians need some change. Our life is filled up with routines. Not just magic routines.

And as routines can be good for us, too much of anything is not good.

You can dream about being a professional magician.

You can dream about traveling country and sleep in 5 stars hotels.

Ÿou can dream about making living by doing what you love.

I do all of that…

When you just really quick visit my website of my czech magic company VESPE.CZ, you will see, what kind of shows do I both perform and produce.

I know, it is in czech, but you can see there, how much we work and how our job looks like.

So sometimes, I just need a change. And sometimes you will need it too.

It can be something big as for example an urge to change your show completely.

Or sometimes just something small, but what can still make big difference and can make you feel good.

Maybe just to go perform to small towns, where no other artists go.

Or maybe to go performing on a street for a while.

Or maybbe just travel ultra light for couple magic shows as I did.

Have a Magical Day!

From MAGIC DISTRICT HAVÍŘOV – Home of Magic and Arts

Jakub Vosáhlo

Don’t wait my magic friends and start now!

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