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Hello, my dear Friends!

Magicians, jugglers, enterpreneurs, cooks, photographers, comedians, artists…..

People, who do love Life all over the world!!! 🙂

This e-book (begins below this introduction) did set up some new standards in my home country, Czech republic.

It did help and inspire so many people in so many fields and I’m happy for that.

I wrote it back in 2013. In Czech language of course :-).

And i did wish so much to share it with you in english one day.

So I finally did tranaslate me :-)!

As always it is written in Czenglish :-).

I did all the translating for you and I did enjoy every minute of doing so.

Because I believe, that If you will want to understand me, you will!

Besides my grammar and literate inacurracy :-).

So It is here for you!

And it is for free!

Same as it is in Czech republic :-).

And same as in Czech, you can put any price on it or you don’t have to.

One of my life’s rules is „WIN/WIN“, so thats why I decided to do it that way.

Enjoy it, my Friend and I wish you really Happy day!


Jakub Vosáhlo

This book contains mostly information which I learned during years of working as a Magician with hundreds others entertainers and creative thinkers! Thanks for the Journey, guys! 😉

© 2013 Czech edition

© 2017 English „online“ edition (That’s what you’re reading right now 🙂 )

Jakub Vosáhlo


It doesn’t matter, if you are running your own business or if you work for somebody else.

This book will teach you to do better business with so simple actions as giving out your business card.

If it’s done properly.

It will show you, how to use power of your ideas, your personality and it will force you to think and to use your own fantasy.

But before we start to have fun by doing, what we love…

I would like to tell you, that you are great, because you are trying to work on your selves and that you are trying to be good at what you do.

This book will fulfil its destiny even if only one idea or just one thought will make you say or think:

,, This one is for me, why did I not think about it earlier? I will try this!!!“

And then you do ;-).

And that’s it!!!

Please, if you will find something for you,


Find your style and your ways, how to become a master in Overbusinesscarding the world! 😉

You friend, reading this book right now, it’s already proof of your self-awareness, that every single idea and detail can make huge DIFFERENCE with your customers.

Yes, I used the word DIFFERENT in large letters!

Think about the meaning and power of that word ;-).

I didn’t say, that something will be


This book will not make a better product of your already existing product, but it will higher up your chances, that client will contact rather you, than your rivals.

Even so ,,simple” thing like business card can increase your profits in almost any field, can spread more the awareness about your company and services and can get you a little bit more of your potential client.

And from my hearth one more thing, if you don’t know it yet… Life should be fun!

One more time… LIFE SHOULD BE FUN!!!

All of us should enjoy our life and one of the best ways is:


So have fun by doing your job, spread a good mood around you all the time and really enjoy you work as a relaxation as well…

Then, when you come home, you will not just complain about everything and your life will go the better way J.

Tips in this book are opening next tiny doors to even better mood, to more success in your business – business and humour together!

Even, when you put humour in your job, you can still have great results, do your marketing really well and your business can grow as never before!


Why is this book free and what is its real value?

It depends, how you will use the information.

At the end it’s always you, who will put your own price on anything.

To me this information is making quiet good money, because I’m really using them actively!

You’ve got it for free, because then you have the right to decide, if you will make like million dollars because of it, that you will send me 10% or one buck or nothing J.

So, I gave it for free from couple reasons:

  1. Everybody can have it, so everybody can use it legally and freely with no exceptions!
  2. I’m really sure, that most of you will NEVER USE this information! That’s how it goes in our world. A lot of people just do the talking but will not do, so I don’t want these people’s money!

And then there are people,


And to these people I would like to talk and be friend with them! Maybe you are in the second group…We’ll see.

  1. It is my first book ever J.

And why this one is the first?

Because I wanted to talk to people, who love to think differently.  And my full support goes to those, who are really proud about their uniqueness! 

So in the future I will be really grateful for any personal e-mail with your story, how did this book hit you and how and where did you use its content or found out something new.

Let me know:

DIFFERENTLY shaped business cards

Shoking at first sight!!!

If you are a businessman in your heart and soul, then you know, that people love to see nice things. They love to see something really nice… And the right word here could be catchy. It doesn’t matter, if they are buying a car, sofa, cell phone, cloth…

And it’s the same with business cards!

You can give your business card to some client and he will thank you and put it in his pocket.

OR he will get your business card, it will stuck him to the ground, before he puts it in his pocket, he will star on it for a while, look at it from all sides, play with it and then he will talk about it with you for a while.

The second kind of business card (beside that it will really catch your clients attention) will give you one of the most valuable things at that moment.


Often it is just couple seconds or minutes, but event at a short time, you can sell your selves or your services in your field as a true professional.

As you can see, there are no photos in this book, because it should be your own fantasy, what should make the work. But try to imagine this kind of business cards:

  • Circle business card (hmmm, for sure this will make them talk – and it is sooo simple, right J? )
  • 3D Origami style business card (like a boat you know from kindergarten… for sure your client will smile)
  • Business card 1cm x 1cm (shocking by its smallness and all the information written with miniature writing – client will be always more careful to this kind of business card and right in front of you, he will put this business card on a different spot than the others and even better it will be HIS decision… If it is a really important client, what about a magnifying glass as a special present, which goes with the business card, hm? J )
  • Business card 20cmx20cm or even bigger? (it’s the right opposite of the small one and it will be even more surprising, if there is just phone number in the middle of it…. Why?… He will remember, who gave it to him, where and why J )
  • Business card with burned hole in it (this business card will make the right fuss, especially when remove it out of pack full of differently burned business cards – you create the story about WHY? J and humour and success will go hand in hand – this business card will for sure work, if cremation is your job J, HA! J)

DIFFERENTLY given business cards

Who said, that all the contact information has to be on your business card?

Like name of your company, four different numbers, website, e-mail, address etc…??? WHO??? Why not to throw in your birthday, your kids names and your neighbour’s dog name and receipt for stoned gluten-free cookies, hm…?

NO! It doesn’t have to be there!


It could be your name, phone number, address…

If you made the right impression as a person, as a business man, as YOU, your client will find you even with just one clue!!!

Give away your business cards DIFFERENTLY

than your business rivals!

One more time:

,, If YOU made the right impression, your CLIENT WILL FIND YOU by himself!”

Here is an example for you to see, how it works…

Do you see that beautiful girl or boy with a nice smile behind the bar? Do you need all the information (size of shoes included) or is a phone number on a napkin is enough for you?

I hope, you know, what I mean J… Tomorrow you will see the napkin and YOU NOW EXACTLY!

Nothing more is needed, right?

The same works for your client.

Be his girl (or boyJ ) behind the bar.

All other businessmen have all the information on their business card.

But you want to be DIFFERENT.

I want to be DIFFERENT.


You, reading this book right now shows it J!

And now let’s warm up our brain cells and wake up our friend Fantasy.

For all following business cards you will put just one contact information. Still the client will know exactly, who is the person behind that contact.

Let’s imagine, you’re the client who wants a business card. And I will show you some situations, where you (client) are collecting some supplier’s contacts for your company.

All are the same and then finally…


Let’s go J:

  • Let’s say, you’re running a wedding agency. You’re looking for a flower supplier on a flower fair. Hundreds and hundreds of them are the same and then… This old and really nice lady smiles at you. You can feel that she’s good in her business and you can feel her love for what she’s doing.  As a business card she will put a rose blossom on your jacket flap. In this blossom is one petal made out of plastic or paper with her website printed on it J – the rose withers one day, but the contact will stay ,,fresh”… Then, when you come back to your office, you will remember this lady and her business card between all the others, because it is sooo DIFFERENT!!! All others are the same… You see?
  • Another scenario. You’re running an event agency. But now you’re just a guest on a Magic Night party. You’re enjoying your wine in a luxury hotel and there are walk around magicians everywhere. You like this kind of fun and you want to use it for your services as well. During the evening you ask all the magicians for their business card. Five of them will give you the business card ,,as usual”. The sixth one will remove burning business card. Burning with high and bright flame. In front of your eyes he will blow it out and it starts to levitate in the middle of the air. Than it falls on your hand. It’s yours now J. There is just a website, NOTHING MORE! Do you think that this is too much? No, no… I’m the magician in the Hilton Hotel and this is a true story… Guess who got all the other jobs from this event managerJ.
  • Last example (you create all the others). Imagine that you’re searching for really creative graphic designer for your website… There is so many of them on this fair… All of them have their business cards – Great font, great placement of all the text, great logos… Just one of them will take out a pack of business cards and the top business card has just chaos on it. The letters are not in order, they are different sizes, dirty – COMPLETE MESS J! But by riffling the pack really quick with his thumb (as if you draw pictures in your notebook in school and then made them move) all the letters starts to move, they change shape and size, even a colour and finally they create a website, name or a phone number. This last business card goes to you with a smile and hand shake. You had some fun, because you have seen something like this maybe for the first time in your life and you’ve got your guy.

You found somebody, who is CREATIVE and does things DIFFERENTLY!!!

,,ON THE SPOT MADE” business cards

(created right here and right now: cheap, DIFFERENT, ones of the most effective)

It shouldn’t happen, but still… Right now you have no business cards by yourself.

If you didn’t take them with you, that’s wrong. The only excuse for not having a business card is that you already gave them all away today.

Then you should be able to create your own business card right here and still do it by the rule – AGAIN TO BE DIFFERENT.

Even with this business card, your client has to know exactly, who is behind it!

Trust me on that, but most of the time, this kind of business cards will stay by your client much longer, than the ,,professionally made”, which took you time to make and money to spend (and remember that one equals the other).

From my own experiences I know, that sometimes is better to use one of the ON THE SPOT MADE business cards even if I’ve got some already made on me. Sometimes the power of the moment is stronger, you know J? But it is always your decision. I will tell you an example. But again you create your own. Be DIFFERENT!!!

  • I’m invited to a corporate event, where they want me to perform some mentalism for the audience around the table. Yes, mentalism is one of my loves and I use its techniques even in my business, so I’m telling you things which I do really use! My mentalism business cards are made specially for hypnotizing people. I can spin them, let the people star on it for a while and then make them sleep…Deep, deep sleep… J. After each of this hypnosis people keep that business card. But in reality, they are keeping the memory about the hypnosis and of course, about meJ. On this kind of corporate events my business cards are vanishing really quickly. So then, when a lady comes to me and wishes my business card and I don’t have any more, I will do for example what follows, but NEVER SAY THAT YOU DON’T HAVE A BUSINESS CARD!!!

Be a professional and help yourself:

,,Of course, what is your name, please…?…Ok, Filomena (I go inside my pocket for a small notepad and a pencil), have you ever tried mind reading?…NO???… what do you like to do, what are yours hobbies?… Hmmm, very good, please write on this piece of paper — My name is Filomena, I love to swim and going out with my dogs. In the evening I like to watch movies. — Very good and now I will put my name here and let’s say my website So… As you can see, both of us has different hand writing and your shows me, that…”

Yes, I will start immediately as a hurricane and will do a quick reading for her (that’s part of my job as well, so I’m still working hereJ ). I show her differences between her and mine writing. I’m very personal and Filomena is listening to every single word, because I’m talking ABOUT HER and about WHAT SHE LIKES (go for Dale Carnegie’s books J)

And what do you think, I will give her at the end?

Yes, sir!

Her own hand writing with readings and with this:

Jakub Vosáhlo

That’s it… J

After years I did couple of them, who still keeps the paper in her wallet!!! J

They are recommending my services, they are talking about me, they are showing this ordinary piece of paper to her friends and colleagues.

The power of the moment!

Every single second of that moment is used!:-)

There are tons of reading behind me, writings on playing cards, original pictures and drawings, even toilet paper … J. There is my contact on all of that and people are keeping this as a souvenir J. That’s it, they want to KEEP IT from some kind of reason. AND YOU MUST CREATE THE REASON! J.

Find your own style!!!


MY but YOURS business cards

(will make your status of professional stronger and get you valuable contacts)

Sometimes is better, when you will take the business card instead of giving your own. Let me explain that, I will make it again really simple J.

One of you can be in a hurry, or maybe this client is much more important for you than you are for him (no offence – that’s life, we should be careful about our Egos J). So in that case it is better for you to contact that person, than risking that your client will ,,cool down” or loses your business card etc.

For this case (and it looks sooo pro!) it’s good to have couple of business cards maybe just with your logo and blank lines with titles NAME, E-MAIL, PHONE NUMBER…

If you are experienced in business, then this technique will remind you of all signed up forms you know online J.

Yes, client who wanted your business card, happens to be your subscriber right now. He gives you the permission to contact him with your offer J!

Next steps are up to you. That is not the content of this book.

Even on these business cards you can prepare some shocking ideas, but ordinary business card will work as well, because your client will do the job by filling it up.

Every time I used this kind of business card, they told me, that they have never seen such a business card and that it is a good idea.

They’re right, it is J.

Calling to action

If you look at a business card with a lot of contacts, it means, that you can choose your own way, how to get in touch with somebody. Sometimes you can see even the time when to call.

But with your business card you should call to action, not just to inform somebody about your existence.

Every time it is better to print there:

CALL 123456 than Phone: 123456.

It is the same thing, but just one is calling to action, the other one is just informing.

Using this approach, you can lead your client,

where you need him to be J.

Let’s say, you used some of the techniques above to make your client sure, that he knows:,, This business card belongs to YOU!” And on that business card is written just:            CALL: 123456.

It is so clear to him, that he will just and only call you. He will not try to get in touch with you some other way.

If there is your website, then he will go there and get in touch with you online.

If you put there:,, Search Jakub Vosáhlo on YouTube.”, then this is the only choice for him.

You’re the one, who can lead your clients just where you want. Think, what do you want for your clients to do and

let your business card to tell them exactly that! J.

Ordinary business card just mumbles about everything and nothing.



Tips, Ideas and my way of looking on Overbusinesscarding the World

It is already years ago, when I found out that ,,businesscarding” is really huge advantage and weapon of mine.

That I’m doing it DIFFERENTLY than the others and that I can see, that clients still keeps my business cards in their wallets or on their desk.

How did I found out the power?

I’ve been working on my two companies and during that I was pretty well known as a speaker on a radio.

Listeners where listen to me, I had my fans, I’ve got my own RADIO BUSINESS CARDS and I had HUGE EGO! Shame on me!!!

Jesus, I was so stupid :-D…

Everywhere I went primary I gave away all the radio business cards. And on them? My name, radio logo, contacts to the radio, address of the radio and all the other unnecessary stuff about radio, radio, radio…

My own personal business cards, where just… just lying somewhere…

People called me sometimes, but after some time I found out that they are clients FROM MY OWN BUSINESS CARDS!

Not from the radio’s!

From mine’s, which I gave them in some really nice situation, with humour and joy, when I found them behind theirs ears or if I made theirs dog name appear on the business card J…

These where not clients from Vosahlo The Egoist, Te BIG Radio CELEBRITY! No, no J.

It was, when I gave them something from my heart. Something, what I love, something what I created, something, what I enjoy every minute of my lifeJ.

I hope, you understand.

Business card is just a tool for many business men.

But it is already given away so automatically, like we are robots or something.

They give their business card away, just because it should be done… That’s the codex or something… I don’t know, why so many people go main stream…J.

BE DIFFERENT!!! When you give your business card to somebody, do it like a ,,small” ceremony, like a show, ritual, pleasure, unforgettable experience…!!!

It can be done.

I know that, because I’m doing it and it WORKS!!!

Please, do understand, that


who is giving the business card. At that moment it is YOU who’s this client talking to, who he sees, who he will remember.

IT IS YOU and you’re giving him the most important marketing tool which is given only HAND TO HAND right AT THIS MOMENT!!!

You must use MAXIMUM out of this moment!

This business card is YOUR creation and it represents YOU and YOUR company!

It should reflect something from your inside, your point of view about business, world, Life.

Your website is doing so, your flyers, posters, your displays on the street, your personal e-mail, your Facebook…

Pieces of you are in all of that.

So why should be your business card made by some stranger who doesn’t even know you?

YOU are the CENTER of your business!!!

When I’m giving my business card to somebody (me, Jakub Vosáhlo), I can hear the business man inside of me but even the little boy, who loves to play games and he knows, that right now, he will have some funJ. I’m looking forward to it, as I will make my clients day. I’m prepared to give him experience and a piece of myselfJ.

Every time I’ve got many scenarios, how to give my business card exactly to this person right here and right now and no one else will chose for meJ.

I will make my best and I will do it so we both have some fun!

Pretty often I’m playing different kind of roles when I give away my business cards – I do so as a mentalist, hypnotist, magician, manager, speaker, business man, teacher, coach… But these are just names…


And that’s another thing. I do run couple businesses and in different fields.

So I’m using for each kind of situations

different types of business cards.

When I do work for VESPE.CZ than I use just these business cards. Only with logo on them. And the logo is also a website.

The reason is really simple. The same business card can use all the entertainers in my company and all the clients will go every time straight to our website.

Then I don’t need to print every time new set of business cards for our new colleagues. It saves time and money and we are working as a team under one brand!

Than I’ve got these hypnotizing business card, like I told you before, but these works as well for my clients to put their initials on it and I will keep his contact as I said earlier J.

Very often I’m creating business cards on the spot, when I write with a sharpie on plates, spoons, forks, flowers…

Remember, every time it’s me,

who is this client remembering!

I’m using burning business cards or sometimes I put them in their pockets or under their watch J.

I like this one J. When they go:,,Do you have a business card?”  ,,Yes and do you have the time, please…?”

Simply said, use maximum of these ideas and put your own personality in it.

You will see, that it works and THAT IT’S FUN! J.

Your ideas should be what

drives your business and what makes you grow.

Your ideas should be in all of your marketing tools. Even in this ,,small” like business card.

Ideas, ideas, ideas…

they are moving the world and changing history.

Make your ideas happen!

You know, what would you like…


Just imagination of something

with no action means nothing!

Many times I’ve been thinking… Is there some best time, when to give my business card to somebody? Should I wait until they ask for it?

Well, give it away every time you can. Simple fact showed me this. Couple times during my life I had already new phone number but still five boxes full of old business cards. Next I changed my website a created some new business cards to match it. And again, boxes of the old ones J.

So, you get the idea, right?

And it shouldn’t be like that. Business cards are for flying to your clients one by one. They should be in the action all the time, still quietly working for you and reminding you to people, who will one day need your services or products.

Give away your business cards and do it everywhere. Even give them to seemingly strangers – waiters in the restaurant, taxi drivers, doctors, your kid’s teacher…

They don’t know yet, that one day they will need you, but you already know J!

Do businesscarding any time it is good for you. And let the judging on the donee.

Finally thanks to all of you, who did the thinking during reading this book and trying understand my English J.

If you would like to read this book in real beautiful grammar and full of nice words and double meaning, which I love, learn Czech and read it in my national language J.

Thank you, that you’ve been thinking about yourself, about your attitude to your business, to people, to marketing, to Life J…

If you’ve been thinking and using your own fantasy, the book has filled its destiny…

Thanks to all of you J

Jakub Vosáhlo, Czech Republic

P.S.: Really do live your dreams, it is possible!!! J

If you liked this book, you can buy it after already reading it by donation as I told you before. If so, please, write a note ,,Overbusinesscarding of the World” and your name, so in my mind I will know, to whom I’m sending my quiet:,, Thank youJ.”

About me (if you are interestedJ )

I’m an entrepreneur, magician, coach, creative creator, event manager, I do work a lot…

But everything I do, I Love, I do only that and I can make my living by doing so J.

I fully support similar thinking people and from bottom of my heart I wish success to all of you, who have the strength to go for your dreams and TO LIVE THEM!!!

All of my projects I started with nothing. And what I have been dreaming as a child, I’m living now as an adult.

I’ve been working and sleeping on the street for some time and as anybody else had some money problems and family problems, you know… problems as life goes J.

But after each ,,Life’s punch in my face” I stood up and went again forward as a machine J.

I wish to have this strength for the rest of my life…

But this book is not about me, I just wanted to support and motivate you a little bit on your journey. And I want to tell you, that for every single problem there is always a solution!!!

If you are one of these, who are just mumbling and complaining about everything then you and me will never be friends…

But if you’re a ,,fighter”, than I’m with you!

You are not alone on the journey to your dreams. Everything is possible. And if the others can, YOU can too!



By doing so, you can support another creations of know-hows for all people who loves, what they do.

Some of you will send 1$, some 5$, some maybe even more and some will send nothing J.


,,Thank you for your interest .”

Jakub Vosáhlo

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